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"A very interesting article this week from well-known Ottawa singer Betty Ann Bryanton. She invites us to share her experience with live-streamed music in "My Entry Into the World of Live Stream".
-- David R. Miller, Editor of Ottawa Jazz Happenings, referring to my published article in the Dec 23, 2020 'COVID Corner.'

"I absolutely LOVED last night.  It felt like I was in NYC at the Birdland and this amazing band and singer were entertaining me.  Your voice was so smooth and rich!  Just loved it"
— Lorraine Deland, Oct 25, 2018

"The first time we had the pleasure of seeing Betty Ann perform was at the Merrickville Jazz Festival in 2017 as part of the Great Canadian Trio. They were our favorite group overall and we loved the songs written by canadian composers and singers, so that was wonderful in itself.  We have since been to several of her performances here in Ottawa and brought friends with us. The songs, her clear and enchanting voice, her funny and cheery personality pulls you in right away and one cannot help but get attached and become a groupie!"
— Elaine and Nigel Scarboro, Aug 28, 2018

"Recently, we had the pleasure of enjoying an evening of entertainment provided by Betty Ann and her band. Betty Ann is the full package -- she sings like a bird, is warm and engaging with her audience and has great rapport with her very talented band members. It was a wonderful evening of jazz, so glad we went!"
— Carol Robar, Jul 20, 2018

"All last week, my dance friends and I were super excited to head out to Wakefield to dance to the music of Betty Ann Bryanton accompanying the Ginny Simonds Quintet, and I must say, it was well placed excitement.

The music was fantastic - their opening number, a rendition of "Shiny Stockings", a lindyhopper's favourite, signalled that this was going to be a good time - and it was!!  Us dancers danced all the songs and were rather disappointed when the show was over.  It was a blast!  The range of tempos and the arrangements were spot on... in the pocket, as it were.  Glad to have such local talented musicians to play music to dance to.

I really liked Betty Ann's interaction and connection with the audience....giving pertinent information about the tunes that were played.  I'm looking forward to the next show...will surely be there with dancing shoes ...and excitement in tow!"
— Kofi Arthiabah, Jul 15, 2018

"We first heard Betty Ann perform at the Black Dog Bistro on New Year’s Eve, 2015;  her beautiful and dynamic voice and easy delivery had heads nodding and toes tapping all evening. She knows how to read her audience and work the room!  We decided before the end of her 3rd number that we wanted her for our event the following June: a triple birthday celebration which was also a cover for our surprise wedding. 
Betty Ann was receptive and easy to work with in planning the music for the evening;  she has an amazingly extensive repertoire, and she regaled us with wonderful renditions of iconic jazz and a few pop classics throughout the evening.  We had the casual, relaxed and entertaining wedding that we had hoped for, and Betty Ann and her band mates were instrumental ( ? ) in making that happen!  We couldn’t have been more delighted, and our guests loved them!"

— Judy Ferguson and Priscilla Bright, Mar 17, 2017

"I’ve known BettyAnn as a student at Jazzworks Jazz Camp, and a member of the broader Jazzworks community in Ottawa, for about ten years.  We’ve often played together at Camp jazz sessions and Master Classes, and I’ve always enjoyed her lovely voice and fresh ‘take’ on jazz standards.  However I recently had the pleasure of playing a full gig with her for the first time.  What a delight!  As well as being a beautiful singer and an engaging performer, she is a consummate professional:  charts are well-written and fully organized, set lists expertly assembled, communication is clear and the atmosphere she creates is warm and welcoming.  She is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to next time."
— Kevin Barrett, Guitarist, Jan 25, 2017

"Betty Ann Bryanton takes her musical revenge, to a happy full house"
 Alayne McGregor, OttawaJazzScene, Sep 13, 2016

"Pick of the week for September 8 to 14"
 OttawaJazzScene, Sep 7, 2016

"Ottawa Jazz Happenings is changing hands"
 Mary Moore, President, JazzWorks Canada, Jul 2, 2016

"Standing Room Only and its audience thoroughly enjoyed having Betty Ann Bryanton sing with the Band.  Her pleasant voice perfectly suited SRO’s repertoire and her musical knowledge and experience greatly facilitated the rehearsal process.  Her up-beat on stage presence lead to instant rapport with the audience.  We look forward to having Betty Ann perform with us again in the future."
 John Haysom, Trumpet, Standing Room Only Big Band, Jun 28, 2016

"Betty Ann is not only a lovely singer and a joy to perform with on-stage, but also a true professional in every sense of the word. She is precisely organized, is very flexible, and takes great pains to make sure everyone - from her fans to venue owners to her fellow musicians - walks away with a smile. If you're a musician or an event organizer looking for a singer to entertain your audience, Betty Ann is always at the top of my list of recommendations."
 Nathan Corr, jazz guitarist, Jun 27, 2016

"Brian Browne and Peter Woods fill the Record Centre with standards"
 Alayne McGregor, Editor, OttawaJazzScene, Jun 26, 2016

"Late Night Jazzer Jams"
 Andre Gagne, Music Writer and Web Editor, Ottawa Life Magazine, Jun 21, 2016

"What a "superb" show last night. You must be so pleased! You were INCREDIBLE! You and your band were clearly having so much fun...absolutely infectious! You are such a natural entertainer! You've got a gift girl! Bravo!!!"
Caroline Gibson, Voice Teacher and Jazz Vocalist, May 8, 2016
"I had a thoroughly enjoyable time with friends at GigSpace Performance Studio last night for BettyAnn Bryanton's GigSpace debut. It was a very well paced concert with a lovely mix of ballads, uptempo swing and latin numbers some with comical or emotional lyrics by Betty Ann. The energy and high spirits on stage (and off, when the band stepped down to the front for a song circle), were infectious and the audience was with them all the way. Thanks to Betty Ann, Pierre, Howard, Virginia, Lu and Dmitry for their beautiful performances."
— Karen Oxorn, Jazz Vocalist, May 8, 2016

"Betty Ann Bryanton Serves Up a Little Sweet and Smooth Jazz with Your Monday Night Coffee"
— Andre Gagne, Music Writer and Web Editor, Ottawa Life Magazine, Apr 4, 2016

"My vocal jazz quartet, Cuppa Joe, had such fun performing at one of Betty Ann's Harmelodic association events, and felt so supported and encouraged, that we all wanted to get together with her for a gig.  So we organized a super, fun joint event at Pressed, performing together for a full house of friends and family.  It also provided us a focused goal, reaching to incorporate new material into our repertoire."
— John Wilson, Vocalist, Mar 28, 2016

"Thank you again for inviting me to accompany you. On the way home Suzanne and I were talking about how “excellent” you are as a vocalist and how your stage presence is so “magical”. You are so much fun to work with and your approach is so professional!  Your Pressed Setlist was perfect: every song was very well chosen and placed. It makes it so easy. I cannot choose which song was my favourite - every song was very special and you did a wonderful job of introducing each song. Please keep challenging me with new songs, new ideas! Thanks again my friend."
— Pierre Monfils, Guitarist, Mar 27, 2016

""Black Coffee" and jazz standards at the first night of a new jazz venue"
— Alayne McGregor, Editor, OttawaJazzScene, Mar 24, 2016

"Having live music on New Years Eve 2015 was an added bonus to our Bistro.  Betty Ann was receptive to reading the customers and playing some favourites as well as some classics. The Jazz Trio was energetic, engaging and fun! They were the perfect addition to our evening celebration. We look forward to having them back again!"
— Kristin Janz, Manager, Black Dog Bistro, Manotick, Feb 16, 2016

"A superb soprano section leader with a bright, luminous voice which soars effortlessly in descants, Betty Ann has the rare gift of being able to sing solo with conviction in a broad variety of styles, while at the same time providing incredible support and leadership in an ensemble setting.  She blends perfectly in choir and projects when needed with taste and consideration for the balance.  A well-rounded, versatile singer who is an absolute joy to sing with!"
— Parvaneh Eshghi  B. Mus., M. Mus., B. Ed., Choir director, organist and pianist, Mackay United Church, Feb 15, 2016

"We asked Betty Ann to sing at a big birthday party at La Charrette, for about 70 people. She was absolutely fabulous, and also brought along Yves Laroche, an amazing and accomplished jazz pianist who tinkled the ivories on the brand new grand piano at La Charrette. Betty Ann is a dream to work with – highly organized and professional, and easy going and flexible with whatever arrangements work best for the occasion and venue. Above all, she has a great voice, huge smile and wide repertoire of fantastic jazz numbers. She added some icing to the birthday cake with a sultry Marilyn Munroe rendition of “Happy Birthday”. Betty Ann has built a big pool of musicians to work with, so she can craft a musical event for any occasion, whether it’s to play in the background or be the star attraction. I highly recommend her!"
— Carol Anderson, Whisky Ambassador & Sommelier, GrapeScot, Jan 29, 2016
"I have been meaning to drop you a line to tell you how much we enjoyed the concert last Thursday.  The youth group dancing and drumming were fantastic... The jazz singer and accompanying pianist and violinist were out of this world and my friend Meredith (a trained vocal instructor and pianist) told them they blew her away..."
— Friend of Lynn Wilson, Nov 16, 2015

"Great evening of jazz standards at local coffee shop"
— John Curry, News Editor, Stittsville News, Oct 18, 2015

"Gaia Java coffee shop becomes Gaiz Jazz shop"
— John Curry, News Editor, Stittsville News, May 20, 2015
"New jazz jam has a popular opening set"
— Alayne McGregor, Editor, OttawaJazzScene, Dec 3, 2014